We offer an Integrative Humanistic Counselling aproach, in all of our services. From Professional Couselling sessions, Public Image and Communications projects to our unique Editorial Products.


Deep personal research applied to adentify that which makes you unique.

Experts in essence and deep personal research, we work with you to identify what makes you unique and create an essence manual that we call ¨Esenciario¨, made just for you.

This manual will help you be clear and honest with yourself and send the right messages to your audience.

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We can also work along in projects that need deep personal research. Such as tha investigation we coordinated in the creation of a Strategic Plan for Comerce Revitalization in a small city in Cantabria.

For agencies & professionals from Communications, Public Image, Graphic Design, Web Design… sector, we offer you a win-win collaborative work proposal in which we take over the initial research process and make your job lighter in every way we can.

We would like to work with you in the initial research and unique concept creation processes. The clients will always be yours, we would just like to contribute.

Through several interviews, we identify the essence and unique concept that make your clients who they are so you can create for them:

  • Online and Offline Advertising and propaganda campaigns
  • Websites
  • Graphic materials
  • Corporative and Personal Brands
  • Logos
  • Anything they need.

Basing your work in a strong and reliable research that will increase the coherence and reduce the brand gap between what your clients are and what the public perceives.

We believe we have something to offer you with our unique method.

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Profesional Counselling

Time & Space in which you evaluate your career pathway.

You can be searching for your life’s true passion or in need of validation to leave everything behind and pursue your dreams. Maybe you are in a rough path and don’t know where to go next. You are the one who chooses what you need to focus on in each of your sessions and we work on it together.

In Mora-Mora, we offer you a space and time in which you can listen to yourself without judgement, observe each professional area from different perspectives, go searching for your essence and find who you really are, analyze or make different decisions toward your professional and personal happiness.

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Face to face sessions in Castro-Urdiales and online sessions that last 50 min each. We accompany everyone’s process and whatever issue you choose to work on. Learn more or book your first free appointment. We’ll be pleased to help.


Three Zeros is our Online Professional Counselling group.Each group has 4 people max and meets once a month on a convened date and time.  Each person will have 30 min. to express their blockage or issue and get feedback from the Counsellor that facilitates the session. If you want to lear more,

As a team

Variable duration sessions. Professional teammates from the same entity that need to improve their work together. We elaborate a personalized proposal, that depends on what you or you team needs. You can contact us to explain your idea and begin the process, or simply write to ask all of your dubts.

Integral Public Image Projects

The Mora-Mora® process applied on Integral Public Image Projects

Mixing Counselling & Public Image we work on comprehensive Personal and corporative Image Projects.

Using tools from both areas, we achieve harmony between interior & exterior (essence & image). We work along our clients to create brands, businesses, projects with higher level of coherence and efficiency in their communication.

The process begins with an initial reunion in which we get to know each other, talk about the idea, project or brand so that we can present a win-win collaborative work proposal.

The following steps can be discribed in 3 areas:

1. Essence

We get to know you and your brand in face-to-face or online investigation sessions.

The definition of your target and objetives, will help us find possible professional blockage that may lead to difficulties on the road.

All that information and content, will be writen nd given to you in an ¨Esenciario¨.

2. Coherence

Based on previous research, we organice necesarry actions to reach those objetives. We identify different ways to reach your target audience and really get to them through message, content creation and concrete actions that we’ll plan according to your needs, budget and project specifications.

3. Communication

Finally, we work in Parcerias with different professionals (depending on the client’s need and projetc specifications) to get that communications and public image plan to life.

We also offer a monthly communications management to people, idea, brands and businesses. (social media, design, printing, merchandising, media trainning…)