Counselling & Public Image

The result we got when mixing both areas together

We offer you…

Essence finding

We work together to identify that concept that makes you unique and create an essence manual just for you.

Professional Counselling

Time and space in which you evaluate your career pathway.

Integral Public Image projects

Mixing Counselling & Public Image we work on comprehensive Personal and corporative Image Projects.

Editorial Projects

We publish those books that get to us, and share their essence through integral communication strategies. Our line of work lead to the creation of editorial products

Parcerias Mora & …

In our line of work, we have incorporated the concept of parcerias. A portuguese word that means friend/partner.

Partnerships made between Mora-Mora & other people, business or businesses that add knowledge, experience, potential and good energy to offer better personalized services to fulfill our clients’ needs.

Every Parceria at mora-mora is based on our philosophy and idea of life, always thinking in win-win exchanges.

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Public image projects

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Relaciones tóxicas en el ambiente laboral

  • Posted by Mora-Mora
  • On 13 November, 2017
Publicaron mi artículo en la revista digital de Counselling y Psicoterapia Humanista Integrativa del mes de Noviembre 2017. Te comparto mi experiencia y reflexiones sobre lo que son las relaciones tóxicas en el ambiente laboral. ¡Gracias Bonding!
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  • Posted by Mora-Mora
  • On 11 September, 2017
Cambios, nuevos momentos, ciclos que terminan y otros que van a comenzar.
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  • Posted by Mora-Mora
  • On 13 June, 2017
From phrases extracted from the esenciarios I have done, I explain what this document is.
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  • Posted by Mora-Mora
  • On 8 June, 2017
I love to see your surfing the web 🙂 I hope you really like what you see!
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Editorial projects

  • Posted by Mora-Mora
  • On 8 June, 2017
We believed we could print a book and we followed the steps to make it happen.
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