An editorial based on a win-win philosophy

The Mora-Mora Process© led us toward the creation of our first book.

We publish those books that [get to] us, based on a win-win philosophy so that all people implied in the process receive their work’s worth.

We believe that a fair profit’s sharing should look something like this:

Mora-Mora process©
Other collaborations
Sales points-distribution

To publish we take everything into account. We stand with firm feet on reality and find those true win-win agreements.

Every budget gets a close look and is adjusted to the concrete book specifics, the author’s needs, the public the book is directed to, and the objectives.

We work on autoedition projects and also attracting private investors who relieve in both our process and projects.

Our books

create, grow and publish

Our editorial firm creates, grows and publishes thanks to all those people who allow themselves to trust in us. We thank each and everyone.

Authors, revisors, ilustrators, editors… anyone who wants to be part of a project, the process or the editorial firm.

Contact us, we will be thrilled to meet you!

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